Plastering, Hobbemakade, Amsterdam-Zuid

In this apartment at the Hobbemakade on the border between de pijp and Oud-Zuid (two of the most popular neighbourhoods in Amsterdam) we have plastered all the walls and ceilings. A great job which we thoroughly enjoyed carrying out. After more than some hours of plastering the end result speaks for itself.

The inhabitant of this apartment was very pleased with the finish and knows his house is beautiful and ready for the years to come.

  • Date: 11-06-2017
  • Type: Paint ready Stucco
  • Surface: 112 m2
  • Age of the Home: older than 2 years
  • Plasterer: Rens
  • Ceilings: yes

Customer Review

“I’m really pleased with the plasterwork provided by the men of They’ve done an amazing job and now everything is finished I’m just wondering why I haven’t started this project earlier. The apartment is now even better than it was before. The smooth walls and ceilings actually give me a bit of peace in this somewhat hectic city..”

– Floris