Bring back that fresh and new feeling your get in a newly build home!

Why plaster your home? We’ll tell you! Do you know the feeling when you move into a brand new home? Everything is perfectly finished and all the walls are straight and smooth. A lot of people don’t realize how great this is. Most of the time you will buy or rent an existing house which isn’t just finished. Therefore there will always be in perfect walls and ceilings. Especially in the really old houses we have in Amsterdam.

A well plastered house can give you the same new feeling. It’s not only much better to look at, somehow it’s also more peaceful. Which is very nice if you live in a hectic city. We’d love to work on your walls and ceilings and give you the opportunity to experience this!

Huis laten stucen? Het resultaat ziet u hier.

Different kinds of plastering

There are a few different types of plastering. Of course the walls and/or ceilings always get more straight and smooth, but some types of plaster do come with some structure. It’s your choice if you prefer a completely smooth wall or rather have a wall with more texture.

The price of plastering

The prices of plastering can vary quite strongly. It mostly depends the type of plaster you prefer and on which surface should be plastered. For instance, when the underlayer is not straight at all it’s a lot more work to actually get them straight and smooth. Want to know more about the prices? Check out: Plastering Costs